Vinita Fuller, Katherin Senftleber April 19

Venita Fuller

About Myself: I grew up in Las Vegas, the 4th of 7 children. I moved to Texas in 1984. I have a BSBA and MBA in Finance and I am a Certified Management Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, and Certified Fraud Examiner. I’ve managed Finance and Audit departments and worked as an independent consultant in the public and private sectors. I love to travel to historic and cultural sites and for tennis.  I’ve traveled to every continent except Antarctica and 14 tennis grand slams: Wimbledon (1), Australian Open (1), French Open (3), and US Open (9). I have 3 dogs: Calamity Jane (18), Cat Ballou (7), and Kid Shelleen (4) - my little band of outlaws.

You may not know: I built my home with a room dedicated to my Steinway grand piano. I hope to eventually play well enough to enter the Van Cliburn Amateur competition in Fort Worth. There’s no upper age limit so I have time. 

Favorite MN activity: Learning about plants, trees and gardening. I’ve never been good with plants but since becoming a MN, joining NPSOT and working at SM Discovery Center, Westcave Preserve, Balcones Canyonland Preserve and LBJ Wildflower Center, I have planted a madrone, 2 shumard oaks, an escarpment cherry and numerous plants and grasses and they’re thriving.

Katherine Senftleber

About Myself: I moved to Austin with my husband from Arizona in 2002 and we were only supposed to be here for a year before moving back to our home state of Florida. That one year has now become nearly two decades and I can't imagine living anywhere else. We now live in Hays county. I joined the Master Naturalists (2018 Foxes Class) in order to help preserve our precious central Texas natural history and resources. I especially hope to educate and plant the seeds of appreciation of the natural world in children and young people. I was lucky to be surrounded by parents, grandparents, and uncles whose love of the natural world and environmental awareness helped shape my own interests as a child.

You May Not Know: I am an avid reader and have been collecting pre-Victorian, Victorian, and post-Victorian ghost stories and supernatural fiction, British golden-era mysteries, the works of Tolkien, and folklore for over 20 years. I also love to hang out with my best buddy Merlin, a Jack Russell Terrier who unexpectedly joined our family during a camping trip in the Davis Mountains.

Fav Master Naturalist Activity: This is such a hard one. I love to volunteer with children and am so lucky to be able to do so at Wild Basin guiding hikes, at Family Fun Days at Jacobs Well, and now with Wimberley Outdoor Educators. I also treasure the time spent with other Master Naturalists no matter what we're doing. I always learn so much and it's so much fun to be around people who are so passionate about the birds overhead or each plant we come across.

Bird I Most Identify With: The bobwhite quail because I seem to always find myself leading a line of chicks, I mean children. One of my earliest memories of any bird is of coming across a mother bobwhite and her line of babies in our pasture. One became separated from the rest and my mother gently picked it up and let me look at it closely. I can remember thinking it was the most delicate, magical thing I had ever seen. When she released it, it dashed to its mother who was waiting at the edge of a clump of grass. I still catch myself looking for quail in any field or pasture to this day.