Sarah Carlisle & Sue Harding Bios

Sarah Carlisle

About Me: I came to America from Britain in 1984 with my family. We moved to San Marcos sight-unseen. I am a pediatric nurse. As an RN, I worked at a newborn nursery and then in Early Childhood Intervention, a program designed for families of young children, birth to age 3, who have developmental delays, disabilities, or certain medical diagnoses that may impact their development. I did this “homespun care” for 17 years before retiring in 2007. Once retired, I went off to College Station for a week-long course to become TCEQ-certified and run the water system for our church. I also joined the Wimberley Herb Society and eventually discovered Master Naturalist. I am a graduate of the 2016 HCMN class, the Ravens. Now I live in Wimberley on my little piece of paradise with my beautiful labradoodle, Nutmeg. Last year I installed a 30,000-gallon rain water harvesting system. My home is on full rain water collection now.

What You May Not Know: I love to go sailing. My brother had a 9-foot boat and when I was about 10 years old, I got my own boat. I was very good at sailing as a child and would sail in Chichester Harbour at every opportunity. I sailed there until 1959, when I went to Guy’s Hospital in London to do my nursing training.

Favorite MN Activity: I grew up on the water, and water conservation is deep in my veins. My work with the Texas Stream Team to monitor water on the Blanco is my favorite activity. I am very concerned about climate change, and if each person did one small thing each day to try and conserve and recycle, we could take it out of the hands of the politicians and do it ourselves. Let it begin with me!

Favorite Bird: The (English) Robin because it’s little, cheeky, and brave! If you are not familiar with this robin, here is a photo.

Sue Harding

About Me: Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, I was a true city girl where playgrounds were of asphalt and concrete. With brief respites to local creeks, city parks, and the Jersey shore, the seed was planted for wanting more natural and green environs. Studying geology was my ticket out to the great outdoors and a brief career as an oil and gas geologist and later, community college teacher, living in six states and Australia along the way. Texas has been home for the last 21 years, Dripping Springs for the last 2+ years.

In 2018, I transferred my membership to HCMN from the Gulf Coast Chapter master naturalists, from which I graduated in 2012. I loved learning about the flora and fauna of the three ecosystems that intersect in the Houston area and ‘grew’ my passion for native plants at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center. Although I made peace with the heat and humidity of the Bayou City, I’m thrilled now to be living the good life in the Texas hill country! Today I combine my love of native and well-adapted plants, the local ecosystems, and an eye for good design, as a freelance landscape designer.

What You May Not Know: I enjoyed playing many sports as a kid (softball, basketball, tennis), coached a middle school girls basketball team that won their town championship in Ventura, CA, and still love playing tennis today. I have tennis legend Arthur Ashe to thank, since I was able to take free tennis lessons as a kid and be part of the National Junior Tennis League from the program he started in 1968 which offered free lessons to inner city kids.

Favorite MN Activity: Charro Ranch Park is where I spend much of my volunteer hours as co-lead coordinator along with Tom Hausler. And I am still discovering other fun areas where I can be of service. Recently, I agreed to be the local HCMN outreach liaison for Dripping Springs, for which I am excited and looking forward to getting more of our new residents on board with our mission.

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