Project Approval Request Form

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In order to determine whether a project is eligible for volunteer hours within the Hays County Master Naturalist organization, the following information is needed. A more detailed list of the criteria is shown on the HCMN web site,, but the criteria below are the critical ones. Please send this information to Dixie Camp at Dixie will respond as to whether the project meets the criteria and will be eligible for volunteer hours.

(insert info to the left or attach a description):
Project Leader
Project Leader
Phone No.
Phone No.
Volunteer work must be of a type that furthers the TMN mission statement: "To provide education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within our communities." This mission includes educating the public on natural resources, but it also includes managing, maintaining, and improving the environment for the benefit of wildlife and the public. How does this project relate to the TMN mission?
Will the work on this project be done as a member of another organization? ___ Yes ___ No How will the HCMN volunteers be identified as Master Naturalists?
Volunteer work that results in a profit to another organization cannot be approved: Is the sponsoring organization a non-profit?
Will any of the work be done on private property?
Will any other organization realize a financial profit from this project? If yes, please explain below.
Information regarding the area and trails that are impacted by the project are annually reported to the state organization. Could you provide the relevant information?
Many activities require training to develop competence and to qualify to do the volunteer work.
Is there an Advanced Training project associated with this volunteer work?
If it does, all the Master Naturalists involved will have to have background checks through the Agri-Life Extension Office at 512-393-2120,
Will the project involve direct interaction with children?
Will all those involved have background checks before becoming involved with the children?