Presidents Message Text - Nov 2

Brag as you "Describe your service or training"

Make your hours show the benefit of your hard work. Federal employees in some distant office audit our efforts to determine if the Texas Master Naturalist program is worthy of continued federal funding. The purpose of your work towards the Master Naturalist mission needs to be obvious.

How can you make your Volunteer Hour entries meaningful?

Choose the appropriate Service Opportunity Category for your activity.

Brag as you "Describe your service or training." For example, "Cut juniper" may mean nothing to a distant desk jockey but "Remove dense juniper growth to allow native under-story species to reestablish their proper place in our ecosystem" would convey the purpose of your work.

Bragging on you

As of 10/21, over 11,500 volunteer hours have been reported. That puts the chapter on pace for 13,000 hours by the end of the year. This will fall short of 2016’s record 15,000+ hours. If you have hours not reported yet, get those in ASAP.

Sure, there are big projects collect hundreds of hours. But there are plenty of other projects that have the love of one or a few dedicated members. Sometimes it takes just a few hours to make a big difference. All efforts are appreciated.

Your work is important. Independently and as a chapter, we provide a vital service to our community. Let's tell the Feds know just how important and let's celebrate our accomplishments!

Chapter Committee Opportunities

If you are looking for opportunities to help the chapter without having to go out in the cold (or heat) and rain (or blistering sun), Jane and Art have deals for you.

Jane Dunham is our Membership Director. One of her duties is to verify all the Volunteer Hours entered into the chapter’s Volunteer Management System (VMS). As you just read, that’s a lot of hours! She could use some help to cover times when she is out of town or otherwise unable to process the entries in a timely manner. Training is required to be an administrator for the VMS system. The Administrative Training Schedule shows when the state provides webinar training sessions. Jane can help with instructions on how to process this particular task.

Art Arizpe is our Communications Director. This position has grown to include taking care of the new outwardly facing website While much of the information is semi-permanent, there are pages that need to be kept current, for example, the Events page. This position would be good for someone comfortable with computers. Word Press is the development tool used to create and maintain the website. If you are unfamiliar with Word Press, Art can help you find resources to learn.

You can do both these activities at home when you have a few spare moments and earn volunteer hours in the process. What a deal! Please let me (, Jane ( or Art ( know if you are interested.