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October 2018 Bios




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Roxana Donegan

About Myself:  I was born in Bakersfield, CA and completed my education there with a BA in Education from Fresno State. I expected to spend my life teaching school, raising a family, and tending my garden. Instead I became a gypsy! My husband and I moved 14 times in 16 years, spending four of those years on Oahu, Hawaii. I also lived on a sailboat for four years before jumping ship to Antigua where I lived three years. After returning to Northern CA, I ended up in Napa where I volunteered and gardened for 17 years and was a partner in a yarn store. I moved to Wimberley in 2011, becoming a MN in 2013. I have volunteered in various areas, but really enjoy being on the Host Committee with Mary Dow Ross using my love of cooking once a month.

You May Not Know:  While living on a boat, we had close calls with three hurricanes, and while in Antigua, I went through Hugo. Give me an earthquake any day! 

FAV MN Activity:  Participating in Cages for Classrooms and the Butterfly Festival at EAT&G. 

Bird I Identify With:  Chickens!


About Myself:  I am, originally, from Los Angeles, but was only there while Dad was in the Marines. Our hearts and families were in Austin, Texas, and returned in the 70's. We quickly moved to Dripping Springs, across from Nutty Brown when Hwy 290 was two lanes. I have worked as a surface mount technician, personal assistant, caregiver and am currently an assistant electrical estimator at Westar Electric Co. Most importantly, I am a proud volunteer of the Texas Master Naturalists in Hays county. Certified Texas Monarch of 2014. 

You May Not Know:  I have enjoyed all things nature, since I was a young child. My mom always jokes that my friends were all bugs. My grandmother made me a flower necklace out of Lantana and it really affected my views profoundly. Adventurous and love to hike all over! I became a photographer and avid birder about five years ago and spend a lot of time studying them. I saw a bird with vertical lines on his face and had to find out what that was! So, the American Kestrel falcon was my first bird to ID and still one of my favorites. I have loved to watch the Scissortail Flycatchers since I was a kid. I am learning to bird by ear and have found some rare visitors. 

FAV MN Activity:  I have really enjoyed working at Westcave and doing vegetation surveys at Lady Bird Johnson's Wildflower Center. I work on Project Feeder Watch at two sites and am now certified in Water Quality Monitoring, Water Stewardship and just recently, TX Waters program. My interests are getting involved in water protection and monitoring in Hays County. Long term, I would like to be in a restoration project and more involved in Land Stewardship and water catchments. 

Bird I Identify With:  Maybe a raven, because I talk too much, like to goof off and love a challenging adventure!

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