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AT APPROVAL REQUEST - Online form to request approval for a new Advanced Training opportunity.

AT GUIDELINES - The purpose of advanced training is to provide members of the Hays County Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists an opportunity to broaden their knowledge with topics of personal interest.  Advanced training is a benefit in itself, providing the experienced Master Naturalist with tools to work in more advanced volunteer efforts.

AT APPROVED OPPORTUNITIES - Advanced Training programs must be approved in advance by the Advanced Training Committee.  Use the Advanced Training Proposal Form to submit upcoming programs for approval. 

AT OPPORTUNITY CATEGORY DEFINITIONS - Opportunity Category Definitions: pdf document.


APPROVED PROJECTS - pdf document.  2018 List of current projects, numbers, descriptions and contact information.

VOLUNTEER SCREENING The Texas AgriLife Extension Service Youth Protection Standards require that Texas Master Naturalists who will work directly with youth must be screened and qualified in advance through the YPS program. For the conveniece of Hays County Chapter Master Naturalists who will be involved in direct contact with youth, the required form and pertinent rules and guidelines are provided here to download and print: 

VOLUNTEER PROJECT GUIDELINESA listing of the Texas Master Naturalists State Guidelines:

PROJECT APPROVAL REQUEST - Online form to request approval for a new project.