June 19 Bios-Bonnie & terry Tull, Jim Miller

Bonnie Tull

About  Me: Grew up wandering the hills of Westlake, when it was wild, when the tallest buildings in Austin were the UT Tower and the Capitol, and you couldn’t walk the streets without seeing someone you knew. Met Terry at age 12, never dreaming he’d become the love of my life to whom I’ve been happily hitched for almost 50 years. Love history and knowing that my roots were in North America before the Pilgrims and in Texas before it was a Republic. Never made a career of my BA in Spanish, but pursued multiple occupations ending up primarily a nurturer of wildlife.
You May Not Know: Learned first hand, as a Navy wife, what was meant by the quote: “If the Navy had wanted you to have a wife, they’d have issued you one”. In other words, something akin to prisoner 24601 in Les Mis - wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Made the most of our 30 years round the world, relishing life on both coasts of the United States, the Philippines, England twice, Panama, and Oslo, along with cherishing many “Forrest Gump “moments. Best achievement: two children who are truly citizens of the world.  
Favorite MN Activity: I’m known as the “Bluebird lady”, so I guess it’s not surprising that the Bluebird Project, which I started, is my favorite activity, but I’ve also enjoyed years of being a hike guide for Austin Wildlands and working with Terry and the AWQPL to help restore those wildlands.  
Bird I Most Identify With:  Again, I’d have to say a Bluebird just because I’ve spent so many years studying them, and I’d love to be as charming as they are.

Terry Tull

About Me: I grew up in the Hill Country west of Austin, then spent 30 years in the Navy, constructing and managing shore facilities. When Bonnie and I returned to our home town, we wanted to live again in the hills where we grew up.  After we found our little slice of heaven, we discovered that we needed to know more about living with nature, and that brought us to the MN program. I have been so glad we became MNs, and plugged into its rich network of resources that helps us better understand and steward the beautiful land that has been entrusted to us for our short time on earth.
What You May Not Know: My mother was an Australian war bride who married my dad, a Navy man, during WWII. Mom was only 5'-2" tall, but she loomed large in my life and was accomplished at many things. She was also a terrific gardener who could grow anything. Sadly, I didn't inherit her green thumb, but I thank her for my love of nature and the confidence to do anything I set my mind to (well, ....most anything!).
Favorite MN Activity: I love to work on the Austin Water Quality Protection Lands. We get to work shoulder to shoulder with some of the best restoration biologists you can find, and the opportunity to be outdoors and to experience these beautiful and natural places is a huge bonus!

Jim Miller

About Me: I was adopted from a German orphanage and my family and I lived in several states before settling in San Antonio. I served a tour in the Navy and received a B.A.A.S from SWTSU. While attending college, I discovered Wimberley and liked it so much I never left. Married a local girl and raised our family here. I retired from welding in 2015 and began working with several volunteer organizations in the community.
What You May Not Know: I served as an EMT for 6 years back when Wimberley EMS was staffed completely by volunteers. With a background in underwater welding, I logged many diving hours in Jacob’s Well and have some scary stories to tell!
Favorite MN Activity: Most of my volunteer hours are spent at Blue Hole and Jacob’s Well. Cutting cedar on a crisp winter morning is enjoyable.
Favorite Bird: Definitely the Mockingbird. He sings you the bird hit list and throws in a dance. What a deal!