February 2019 Bios


About Myself: I was reared by a tiny little woman with a huge sense of adventure.  Mom was a WWII Army nurse that got her pilot's license after the war was over and never turned her back on learning anything new.  She had a love of plants and rocks that I inherited, and I like to think that she is sitting beside me every time I propagate  another plant, harvest and scatter grass seeds, or turn over and pick up a new rock. I have been digging in the dirt all my life and I still get a big grin on my face when something I'm nurturing shows signs of new growth.

You may not know: I've been recycling since the early 70's--yes, because my mother jumped into the environmental movement with both feet when I was still living at home.  My son loves to tease me about my Hippie ways (including getting tear gassed during an anti-war demonstration in my college days), and I accept his teasing proudly.

FAV MN Activities: As a 2018 graduate of the HCMN training class (Go Foxes!!!), I enjoyed weeding the flower beds at the San Marcos Discovery Center and cleaning the tanks at the San Marcos Aquatic Center.  I spent my career years as a Professional Therapist and School Counselor and I dealt with highly emotionally charged issues on a regular basis.  I think the weeding and tank cleaning are wonderfully mindless activities that allow my brain to travel to any topic and dwell in solitude while tidying up where needed.  

I will have to admit, however, that working with Tom Jones on the newsletter article about flint has been the most FUN single activity I've done in a very long time. I had forgotten how I love rocks!!!  I mean...I look for them constantly and pick them up all the time, but these days it's more to clear a field or pathway.  Tom and I LOOKED for flint (It was easy; it was everywhere.).  We searched for a purpose and for several weeks I was reminded of my youth and of my Mom.

What Bird am I? Deciding which bird I most identify with is an interesting challenge.  We watch them from the porches.  We try to identify them by their songs.  I keep going back to my chickens, though, and how much pleasure I used to get from watching them.  I think I identify with them because they are industrious!  They are always searching for food, scratching here and there, turning over sticks and rocks, busy, busy, busy!  I had one jump up and try to snatch a piece of BBQ off my plate! --determined!  I admire those qualities in humans AND in chickens.  


About Myself:  I am a fifth generation Texan, who was born and raised in San Antonio. I ventured out to Sul Ross State University in Alpine for my undergraduate degree, and discovered I loved the outdoors and have avoided large cities ever since. I have been married to Fred for 32 years and we have one son, David, who is in Kansas City. While we did spend 8 years in South Dakota and 7 years in Oklahoma, we came back to Texas ASAP. We moved to our retirement home in Comal County in 2013, and I joined the MN Class of 2016 (Ravens) as a New Year’s resolution to learn how to best “zero-scape” around our home.

You May Not Know:  I am a LMSW – Licensed Master Social Worker - (retired), and worked in a variety of social work roles, including Adult Protective Services, school social work, teaching a college class, and Hospice/Home Health. 

FAV Master Naturalist Activity: Most of the time, it’s the most recent thing I did. While I have ventured into a number of volunteer opportunities, I continue to return to the Training Committee, this being my third year. It is my job to help feed the new class, but they actually nourish me with their enthusiasm and varied experiences.  This is also one of the best ways to get to know quite a few folks.

Bird I Most Identify With:  The roadrunner because they are tough ol’ birds. Nesting in cactus and eating rattlesnakes – not every bird can do that!

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