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About Myself: I am in my 10th year as a HCMN, but have always loved nature.  Growing up in upstate NY, parents sent their kids outdoors and told them to be home by dark. We'd fill our time swimming in a beaver-dammed lake, picking apples and cherries for lunch, and building snow forts in the winter.  My Grandfather taught me to hum quietly to keep his bees happy when helping him in the honey house.   When I was in high school, my family moved to Houston. Living in the Clear Lake area, the humidity and mud seemed to be some version of hell.  I didn't learn to love Texas until I arrived into Austin & UT.

What You May Not Know: Let's make this fun.  One of the following statements is fake news.

  • My 3 kids were born in England, and called me Mummy until we moved back to California.

  • I worked with an organization of socialist lawyers for 10 years.

  • I own a portion of a New Zealand winery.

  • Swimming with whale sharks off the Ningaloo reef in Australia was one of my life's greatest thrills.

  • My 11th generation ancestor, Mary Eyre, was hung as a witch in Salem.

Favorite MN Project: I sampled a variety of MN projects before discovering that the greatest reward is seeing a child's eyes light up with new interest & enthusiasm for nature. I love teaching field trips and guiding tours at Jacob's Well, the Blue Hole and Canyon Gorge.


About Myself:  I am a retired educator (public school librarian...12 years at the high school level) and yes, I loved it. I can’t imagine a more stimulating learning environment, which is necessary for me to stick with something. Being a librarian was the best possible job for me because it allowed me to cross all disciplines and work with many different interests among students and staff. I was never bored. Becoming a master naturalist in 2012 provided the same opportunity to learn about the many areas of interest in the natural world and to work with interesting people that knew an amazing amount of information. My main volunteer spot has been Jacob’s Well (Guide, Nature Center, Outdoor Educators, etc.), and one of the things I love about working at Jacob's Well is all the interdisciplinary learning that goes on. Water, Riparian plants, Wildflowers, Grasses, Geology, History...see what I mean...the list goes on and on and there is always something new to learn.  

What You May Not Know: I lived in London for almost 3 years, love to travel and have classical ballet in my background. I love being a part of the Wimberley community at large and participate in many different learning groups including a French class on Mondays and a ballet class on Fridays. 

Favorite MN Project: Anything involving education in the community...JW Guides, JW Nature Center, Outdoor Educators, Riparian Restoration with neighbors and community.

Bird you most identify with and why: Harris’s Hawk: The Harris’s hawk, unlike other raptors, will hunt in cooperative groups. Some fly ahead as scouts, some flush out the prey… they divide and conquer and do differing task in order to accomplish their goal. I find it very satisfying to be a part of a group working toward a goal that might not be attainable otherwise. When working in a group, I enjoy encouraging others to find their niche so they can use the skills they are the best at. This makes for a less competitive environment and keeps the focus on attaining the goal together, cooperatively.