Connie & John Boltz Bio



About Me: I’m a retired clinical social worker. My interest in plants and animals goes back to the time I spent in the summers at my grandparents’ summer place in the hills of West Virginia where there was a creek with crawdads and lots to get into outdoors. John and I were in the MN class of 2012 - the Live Oaks.

You May Not Know: I went to grad school in New Orleans and lived on Bourbon Street. That’s where I met and married John, my husband of 53 years. When our kids were young (and we were, too!) we moved to an 80 acre farm in northern Minnesota where we raised cows, pigs, chickens, and vegetables. 

My Favorite Master Naturalist Project:  Everything I’ve gotten involved in has been fun and taught me more about the subject. Since the last project is freshest in my mind it is my current favorite. Taking part in the planning, fund raising and building of the Dripping Springs Ranch Park Bird Station was great. I learned how to use a circular saw and drill. Larry Calvert was a patient project engineer for our aging crew.

Bird I Most Identify With: My favorite bird is the Roadrunner. Every time I see one it’s an omen of good things to come.

About Me: I grew up in northern Minnesota enjoying fishing the many lakes, earning some good money harvesting wild rice as a youngster in late summers, and plotting ways to escapes the brutal winters. I then began a nomadic life and met Connie in New Orleans in graduate school. We returned to Minnesota where we began our family. Connie grew a dislike of the bitter cold winters so she joined in my nomadic like of life and we started our journey to the land of Texas via Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, and South Carolina.

 You May Not Know: The town in Minnesota in which I grew up, Frazee, was a village of about 1,000 residents. My father was a great gardener and my mother a wonderful cook. We grew almost everything we ate and there was a locker plant in town where families froze much of the produce raised in gardens. So for many years of our early marriage Connie and I were great gardeners.

Favorite Master Naturalist Activity: The Dripping Springs Ranch Park Birding Station is a unique project which involved leadership, commitment, determination and dedication from HCMNs and the community. I was able to observe Connie make all the phone calls pulling things together and then I’d work with everyone week after week as we poured cement, hammered and drilled and the structure took shape. Birds Unlimited raised funds and promoted the project and folks turned out at a Dripping Springs City Council meeting to raise support. Lotsa folks and and lotsa fun!

Favorite Bird: My favorite bird is the Red-winged Blackbird. I had a paper route as a kid growing up in Frazee and rode my bike all over town. Wherever I went it seemed there was a Red-winged Blackbird singing to me. When we were building the Dripping Springs Birding Station Red-winged Blackbirds we’re singing to us.