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Rainfall Monitoring Project

Rainfall data available for download:
(PDF format - requires Acrobat Reader)

Most recent 2014 data
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Graph Showing Cumulative Rainfalls for 2005-Current year

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To monitor rainfall across Hays County to determine average rainfall and any trends that are related to geographic differences.

In 2005, the Hays County Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalist organization decided to initiate a project to track and record the rainfall across Hays County. There had been anecdotal information that the rainfall in the southeast part of the county was higher than the northwest part and there was interest in whether actual data would confirm the observation.

Monitoring stations have been established across the county using simple rain monitoring gauges provided by the Pedernales Electric Coop.


The locations of these stations has been plotted within the county and data is being summarized in thirty five sections, each approximately six miles wide by seven miles high. (Click image for larger view.)

Monthly chart

Data is collected on a monthly basis and shown in a color coded chart indicating the amount of rainfall in each section. (Click sample image for larger view.)

Annual chart

In addition to the data for each month, a composite page shows the data for each month of the year on a single annual page. (Click sample image for larger view.)

How to read a rain gauge:

Rain gauge

As water fills up the measuring tube, a curved surface is formed called a meniscus. This meniscus is formed by the surface tension of a liquid in contact with the sides of the tube. Always read the base of the meniscus when taking measurements.

How to participate in the project:
Report your total rainfall for each month within the first week of the following month to Walt Krudop at rainfall at haysmn.org or use the online Rainfall Reporting Form below. The composite chart for all months in the year will be available on this page around the 10th day of each month.
Rainfall Reporting Form

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Comments or questions:

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